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This is an EP from March 2014 which is available as a Name Your Price download, which includes free, zero, make a donation if you want but there is no obligation.

The first track, Aeolian Metrics is produced wholly by manipulating a field recording of wind chimes. Even the percussive sounds are from the manipulation. No samples involved this was produced as a Disquiet Junto contribution.

The second track is what got me interested in this EP again. The original had a continual rather unnecessary snare drum for most of the tracks duration which had come to irk me as my experiece increased,

Consequently I decided to remix it with most of the snare removed and the composition tweaked here and there. Ihave replaced the original track on Bandcamp with this new version.

The third track is a fairly insistant and driving 10-minuter that I had all but forgotten until to my surprise Shimmering Music Records asked if they could use it on their upcoming compilation album earlier this year, Meditations-3 which I'm pleased to say is where it resides now.

Why not give the EP a try? At Name Your Price you have nothing to lose!


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