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Jun 3, 2017

64 bit Windows


As my twitter followers will already know I foolishly tried to install the Ubuntu Studio operating system along side my 32 bit Windows OS.

Despite the warnings I carried on and installed it instead of just trying it or installing it on a flash drive.

The outcome was that Ubuntu Studio wiped my Windows Boot loader so I was unable to access anything at all from my Windows system.

After a lot of hand wringing and head scratching I found that the only option was to use my Windows Installation disk to completely reformat my C:/ and D:/ drives.


(My Windows 32 bit system had a glitch that prevented me making back ups whatever program I tried).

So I lost all my photographs, videos and a great deal of my purchased music. Fortunately I have 64 GB of my favourite music on my phone so that was solvable.

I'm gutted to lose my holiday photos from recent years though.


The upside, (yes there is an upside), is that I was able to install a 64 bit Windows OS. I had tried previously and failed. I now understand that this was because I was trying to install in the wrong place.


So now, a week later, my new 64 bit OS and 64 bit Ableton Live are up and running. I am able to access all my 8GB of RAM, not just the pitiful 3GB that 32 bit recognizes.

Ableton works a lot better and things are looking good.


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  • mark
    Jun 5, 2017

    Well, I thought this might happen. Bumani has caught the bug and decided to build his own website. Who can blame him? It doesn't help him to have my name in front of his on all his links. I've added him to my list of friendly sites on my Welcome Page. You can now find him here: nickel611.wixsite.com/meinewebsite-1 as well as on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/bumani